Fractal Machine for Blender

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Fractal Machine for Blender

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Fractal Machine makes possible what previously wasn't - creating complex and highly detailed fractals all in Blender!

Fractal Machine 1.3 is a huge update bringing you long-awaited morphing capabilities. Change the fractal to make it look like any other 3D model you have! This can be used for landscapes, characters, decorative objects - the list goes on.

Fractals have been used extensively in Marvel Studios' Guardians of the Galaxy, Disney's Big Hero 6 and many more movies. Previously, they have required either a raymarch-capable renderer like Octane, or a procedural powerhouse like Houdini. Fractal Machine brings full-featured fractals into the hands of Blender artists.

Fractals can take a simple scene and turn it into a complex, mystical and never-before-seen environment. Fractal Machine includes five tweakable base fractals and 20 presets to get a near endless amount of shapes. In addition to that the product includes tutorial videos to help you navigate the fractal world with speed and ease.

Get Fractal Machine today, add a unique twist to your work and make it stand out from the crowd!

Pack Contents:

  • Apollonian fractal
  • Kleinian fractal,
  • Mandelbox fractal
  • Mandelbulb fractal
  • Quaternion 4D Julia fractal
  • 20 presets for quick experimentation
  • Tutorial videos to get the most out of the pack
  • Two demo scenes from the intro + one for the example skull morphing


  • Required: Blender 3.3+
  • It's possible to generate fractals on all systems, but the more RAM, CPU cores and VRAM you have, the smoother the experience will be.
  • Recommended RAM: 16GB+, VRAM: 8GB+
  • A general understanding of Blender and how to manipulate nodes

V1.1 update log:

  • 4D Julia is now 2x faster
  • All parameters can be controlled under the modifier tab

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